Coronavirus: removal of the mask requirement on public transport

As of 1 April 2022, the requirement to wear a mask on public transport will no longer apply. SBB would like to thank customers who complied with this requirement.

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Current information (updated 30 march 2022)

Federal Council decides to end coronavirus measures

The Federal Council has decided to remove the last remaining coronavirus measures. This means that the requirement to wear a mask on public transport will be lifted on 1 April 2022 following 21 months in force. Of course, passengers are free to continue wearing a mask on public transport if they wish to do so.

Mask requirement notices to be removed

The lifting of the requirement to wear a mask means public transport operators will have to adapt or remove various communication materials. This includes announcements on the train, signs in vehicles and information displayed on screens. Due to technical reasons and the maintenance schedule for the coaches, it is expected to take up to three weeks for all the notices regarding masks to be removed. Even in coaches that have not yet had their mask requirement notices removed, masks no longer need to be worn.

International passenger services

SBB recommends that all passengers check the entry requirements and coronavirus measures on the FOPH website or in the relevant countries well ahead of travelling. Information on international passenger services is available on our website Rail travel to other European countries in coronavirus times and is continuously updated.