Coronavirus: travel in safety with obligatory masks

As of 8 June, most services have returned to operation as per the regular timetable. Services such as rail catering and group reservations have also been recommenced. From 6 July, masks must be worn on public transport. If you follow the protection measures, you will travel in safety.

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Masks must be worn on public transport services. The requirement to wear masks does not apply to people who cannot wear face masks for particularly good reasons – in particular medical reasons – or to children aged under 12.

The key points:

  • In line with gradual easing of the Swiss Confederation’s restrictions, SBB resumed normal service on most of its long-distance and regional lines on 8 June.
  • As more passengers will be using public transport again, it is important that the Confederation’s hygiene stipulations and the protective measures for public transport are adhered to. They enable safe travel. 
  • From Monday 6 July, masks must be worn on public transport services. 

  • The requirement to wear masks does not apply to people who cannot wear face masks for particularly good reasons – in particular medical reasons – or to children aged under 12.

  • FOPH FAQ on requirement to wear masks (in German)

  • SBB is also taking additional hygiene measures at stations. 

  • On 8 June, SBB reopened sales of supersaver tickets and Saver Day Passes. The SBB Rail Catering dining cars are back in service, and group reservations as well as luggage transport are also available again.

What protection measures must be followed on public transport?

The protection measures for public transport and the hygiene stipulations of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) must be observed when using public transport. SBB has drawn up a  protection plan based on FOPH stipulations. From Monday, 6 July, masks must be worn on all public transport services. Only children below the age of 12 and people who cannot wear masks for medical reasons are excepted from this rule. 

Wear your mask properly – here's how to do it.

Eating and drinking is still permitted on public transport – you can remove your mask to do so. Outside of vehicles – for example on platforms and in underpasses – the current urgent recommendation to wear a mask where the minimum distance of 1.50 metres cannot be maintained remains in force. We are counting on all passengers to show personal responsibility and solidarity. Be considerate towards each other and keep your distance: at stops, counters, ticket machines, when boarding and alighting trains, and – as far as possible – on vehicles. Staff who come into contact with passengers will make passengers not wearing masks aware that there is a requirement to do so. Protecting customers and staff is a priority for Switzerland's public transport companies. Occupancy has increased over the last few weeks. By adding the requirement to wear a mask to existing prevention measures, coronavirus prevention can be strengthened. 

Please observe the following protection measures:

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How do I use a mask properly? 

You can find information on the correct use of masks on the FOPH website. Never keep surgical masks after use. Instead, dispose of them immediately in a bin. Public-transport companies do not issue masks.

  • Please ensure you have your own protective equipment.

Surgical masks can be bought in many station shops, such as kiosks, pharmacies, supermarkets and convenience stores. The Selecta vending machines at railway stations are also stocked with protective masks. You can find all relevant information on the stations online.

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Which trains are running again from 8 June?

Customers can use the full range of national long-distance and regional services again from 8 June. A few restrictions affecting night services and some peak-time connections remain in place until further notice. Please check the online timetable before every journey. It is always up to date. Public-transport services are being increased in line with the Federal Council’s strategy for easing restrictive measures.

International services will be restored in stages in coordination with partner railways and in accordance with official orders issued by the authorities in neighbouring countries. With the exception of connections to Italy, international trains to and from Switzerland have already resumed limited service. Latest information on international connections.

Which services are available again since 8 June? 

SBB has restarted offering services that could not be provided while the transitional timetable was in operation. Since 8 June, customers can once again order food and drinks in dining cars. The stipulations and protection measures for staff and customers in dining cars are essentially the same as in restaurants and cafés. Groups can also make reservations on trains again. Travel groups are responsible for following all the stipulations of the Federal Office of Public Health. On 8 June, SBB resumed unrestricted provision of luggage transport.

Are the trains being cleaned more frequently than before the coronavirus crisis?

SBB has increased the frequency of cleaning in response to the crisis. Surfaces touched by customers such as grab poles, buttons, tables, arm rests and toilets are cleaned and disinfected several times a day. On particularly popular routes, additional cleaning is carried out en route. You can also wash your hands at stations (see below). 

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How is hygiene being ensured at stations?

Customers can wash their hands at toilet facilities in stations. The hygiene centres, which normally charge for access, at Basel SBB, Bellinzona, Bern, Genève, Lausanne, Locarno, Luzern and Zürich HB stations can be used free of charge until further notice. 

Hand-sanitiser dispensers have also been set up at the entrances to the 34 largest stations. Dispensers are also available at the entry to and exit from travel centres.

To ensure that the FOPH hygiene stipulations are adhered to, lifts may only be used by one person at a time. Queuing zones will also be set up at shops where necessary. Please find out about the opening times of the shop concerned directly at the location. 

The waiting rooms in SBB railway station buildings have been open again since 8 June. Waiting rooms on platforms remain closed until further notice, as distancing cannot be guaranteed due to their size. 

What measures apply regarding tickets?

All ticket counters are open. You should still buy tickets online, in apps, or at ticket machines if possible. Contactless payments should be used at ticket counters wherever possible.

Passengers are still required to hold tickets. Passenger attendants will not touch SwissPasses and tickets when checking them until further notice but will instead check them at a distance.

How is SBB protecting its staff?

SBB staff are a key element of the protection plan for public transport. Staff in contact with customers will wear masks. Plexiglass barriers installed at staffed points of sale protect both staff and customers. Train drivers do not wear masks for safety reasons.

Tickets and passes will be checked by means of visual inspection until further notice so that passenger attendants do not have to touch them.

Many thanks to all staff who are keeping Switzerland moving at this time. 

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